Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Thanks

I had a pretty awesome day.  I got all my work done so tomorrow we can do fun Thanksgiving things at school.  When I got home, I did my homework quickly then played on my new tire swing all afternoon.  

I am extremely excited for Wednesday.  Every year on the day before Thanksgiving, my mom, sister and I wake up early and go shopping for canned goods for Thanksgiving.  Then we go donate all the food to a food drive, for families who might not be able to have a good Thanksgiving meal.  After that, we find a restaurant and have breakfast there.  We always leave a big tip to share how thankful we are for what we have.  This will be our 5th year doing this and I always have so much fun.  Here are some pictures from last year.

My sister Jessica and I with the food we bought.

We are always very happy when we can share our blessings with others.

~ Rachel ~


  1. It is always good to share, the more love is put out into the world he less room there is for despair.

  2. Hi Rachel, your blog is an inspiration, lovely words, and your Thanksgiving story with food donations is great.Love the photos in your first post too. Cheers from Jean

  3. Hello Rachel,welcome to blog land ,hope you enjoy the experience .
    It's a wonderful worthwhile thing ,you ,your mum and sister are doing for people less fortunate .
    We don't have thanksgiving in England,but
    I hope you all have a lovely day.
    Laura xx


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